Tahija Vikalo was just beginning college in Sarajevo when the war erupted in Bosnia.  In 2001, she completed a Master's Degree in Anthropology and Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.  Currently, she works for The Emergency and Material Assistance Program (EMAP) at the American Friends Service Committee in Philadelphia. In the summer of 1998, the PICTURE ME AN ENEMY crew traveled with Tahija back to her home in Sarajevo. Tracing Tahija's footsteps through the past and into the present, we gain an intimate view of Bosnian life and culture.  Tahija's introduction to Bosnia shatters stereotypes about her country and the Muslim religion.

Tahija Vikalo

Natasa Borcanin

Natasa Borcanin
originally from Osijek was a high school student when war broke out in Croatia. She is currently working full-time while pursuing a Master's Degree at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. In 1998, Natasa travelled to Bosnia to work for the International Foundation for Election Systems (contracted by U.S. Aid) in the city of Doboj in the Republika Serbska region of Bosnia. Producer Rene Lego has been following Natasa's life since 1995, when Natasa was a college student following the wars in the former Yugoslavia on American television.   The PICTURE ME AN ENEMY crew met up with Natasa in Doboj where she was one of three who were not 100% Serbian.  In formal interviews and intimate settings, Natasa discusses what it was like to watch these conflicts on television, and how she sees the role of the US government operating in the region today.  Natasa also shares what it is like for her to be of mixed "ethnicity."  With a Serbian father and a Croatian mother, Natasa stands as a symbol of the innate complexity of these wars.  

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