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Nathalie received her BA in Visual Anthropology in 1996 from Temple University (as the first undergraduate in the program.) She has since worked in the U.S. and abroad on independent documentaries and commercial productions as a Producer, Director and Editor. Nathalie's Producer/Director credits include: Anthropological Training, a study of the train culture in Japan; 't Vis Huisje, a short documentary about a fish stand in the historic town of Leiden, the Netherlands, and Voyage Autour du Cristal, a 16mm film about the Cristal, a unique sculpture and musical instrument created by French artist Francois Baschet and composer and musician Michel Deneuve. Nathalie was an Assistant Producer and archival researcher for PBS on a nationally broadcast, educational video series, produced by Kentucky Educational Television for LITLINK. Her video work was recently featured in "Girls on the Rocks" a multi-media performance which explored the mythology of mermaids, sirens and harpies at the Painted Bride Arts Center in Philadelphia, PA. Nathalie has also served as a facilitator and assistant teacher at the Scribe video center. Currently, Nathalie is the media specialist at University of Pennsylvania's Literacy Research Center (Literacy Research Center) where she produces, directs and edits educational media, including video and web resources for the National Center on Adult Literacy and the International Literacy Institute.


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