Nathalie Applewhite Producer/Director

Nathalie received her BA in Visual Anthropology in 1996 from Temple University (as the first undergraduate in the program.) She has since worked in the U.S. and abroad on independent documentaries and commercial productions as a Producer, Director and Editor. Nathalie's Producer/Director credits include: Anthropological Training, a study of the train culture in Japan; 't Vis Huisje, a short documentary about a fish stand in the historic town of Leiden, the Netherlands, and Voyage Autour du Cristal, a 16mm film about the Cristal, a unique sculpture and musical instrument created by French artist Francois Baschet and composer and musician Michel Deneuve. Nathalie was an Assistant Producer and archival researcher for PBS on a nationally broadcast, educational video series, produced by Kentucky Educational Television for LITLINK. Her video work was recently featured in "Girls on the Rocks" a multi-media performance which explored the mythology of mermaids, sirens and harpies at the Painted Bride Arts Center in Philadelphia, PA. Nathalie has also served as a facilitator and assistant teacher at the Scribe video center. Currently, Nathalie is the media specialist at University of Pennsylvania's Literacy Research Center (Literacy Research Center) where she produces, directs and edits educational media, including video and web resources for the National Center on Adult Literacy and the International Literacy Institute.

Rene Lego Producer/Director of Photography

René Lego is an award winning, Emmy-nominated producer, director and videographer. Since receiving her B.A. in Radio-Television-Film from Temple University in Philadelphia in 1996, she has produced, directed and shot a number of commercial, documentary and experimental videos. Rene's first short, The Philadelphia Textile Industry, documented the city's role in the American textile industry and was screened at the 1996 international textile competition in Kyoto, Japan. René worked as line producer and assistant camera on the Cardoso Flea Circus, a quirky experimental short shown in art galleries and museums worldwide. In 1999, she produced and directed a historical documentary tracing the legacy of forgotten Philadelphia radio pioneer Atwater Kent.

From 1999 - 2001, René was the Senior Producer of "Philly LIVE", a call-in talk show airing weeknights on WYBE Public Television in Philadelphia. The program themes included International, Gay & Lesbian, Latino, Asian, African American and Local. "Philly LIVE" received a 2001 Mid-Atlantic Emmy-nomination for "Best Talk Series," and was presented with numerous Telly and Communicator awards, a Pennsylvania Broadcaster's Association award and a journalistic achievement award. René is a member of the International Documentary Association (IDA) and the National Television Academy (NTA) and lent her time and talents to the 2003 Annual Bosnian-Herzegovinian Film festival, 2003 LA/IFP Film festival and the 2002 AFI Film festival. Her camerawork credits include CNN News, NBC News, In the Life TV and Sky Sports Europe. René is a freelance producer, still photographer and videographer.

Nina Knezevic Associate Producer

Nina Knezevic, originally from Belgrade, Serbia, came to the United States in 1997. In 2001, she received her Bachelor's degree in Cinema and Photography from Ithaca College. During the spring of 2000, she worked with Academy Award nominee Peter Spirer on two documentary projects Wildlife Waystation and Civil War. In the summer of 2000, along with Mateja Rackov, Nina edited Nation's Betrayer, by award-winning Yugoslavian director Vladimir Paskaljevic. The film was independently shown in Belgrade as an alternative to the strong Milosevic propaganda that reigned in Serbia at the time. Nina resides in Washington D.C. and is currently freelancing for Dateline NBC.

Barbara Burst Editor

Barbara Burst is a Washington, DC based editor who founded and oversees the creative editorial department of Roland House. She cuts documentaries and features for both independent producers and clients such as Devillier-Donegan, TLC, Discovery, CNN, PBS and National Geographic. Barbara has cut human interest, arts, history and science documentaries and has also worked as a writer/producer on segments and one-hour reversions for Discovery.

Ms. Burst was recently recognized with a 1999 Peer Award for Best Documentary Editing by the Washington Film Council for her work on the independent full-length documentary feature you don't know what i got. The film is a free-form piece comprised of interwoven stories from five unrelated women who reveal their loves, struggles and passions. Musical performances by songwriter Ani DiFranco serve as part of the film's narrative. The film won the Audience Award at the DoubleTake Documentary Festival and a Rosebud Award at DC's Rosebud Film Festival. Barbara has appeared on numerous editing and post-production panels (at Sundance, Jackson Hole, SxSW, IFFM) and has been a guest lecturer and adjunct professor at American University.

diaSonic Music Composition and Performance

diaSonic was formed in 1995, as a reflection and a reaction on what was going on in the region of former Yugoslavia, where all the members of the band are from. Two founding members, Milan Kovacev, from Belgrade, Serbia and Damir Prcic, from Tuzla, Bosnia met some 15 years ago while serving their mandatory military service in then, still peaceful and unified country.

The initial mutual interest in music and technology over time grew into a deep respect for each other and a friendship that transcended the conflict that arose around them. They wanted to remind themselves as well as the world around them, that there still was beauty in their homeland. That beauty came from warm and soulful people, regardless of their nationality, religion, or geography. diaSonic combines instrumental, rhythmic, and vocal samples of the traditional folk with electronica, pop and dance sounds.

Eric Prykowski Additional Sound Design

A graduate of Temple University's Film and Media Arts Program in 1997, Eric Prykowski has written, produced, and directed several experimental video and animation shorts. His work has been screened at the International Student Animation Festival of Ottawa, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Knitting Factory NYC, WYBE Public Television Philadelphia, the Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia, the Independent Images Film Festival Toronto, and the Microcinefest Baltimore.

Currently, Eric works at the Philadelphia Museum of Art as a video technician and audio engineer for live music and stage performances. Other current projects in the works include an experimental film made up entirely of 35mm found still photo negatives. Eric continues to produce and compose music for film and video projects.

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